[Mccoypottery-talk] oops on the ebay item #

Mary Gail McDonald niniankyria1@msn.com
Sat, 2 Sep 2006 19:34:42 -0500

Item number: 220019574881  . It had a funky lid and was wrong color. Sunshi=
ne yellow instead of the mustard that the McCoy originals were. These newer=
 jars AND cups are made from a mold of the McCoys but are all lighter in  c=
olor and almost exclusively are being used  by the Florist industry for the=
 Happy Face bouquets. The cups, that is. The cookie jars have just appeared=
 recently.  These may say McCoy on the bottom but  they aren't. They are kn=
ock offs from second generation molds. I have collected both the actual McC=
oy smileys and the knock offs. You CAN tell the difference at first glance.
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  I forgot to add the auction number and it has ended.
  MY BAD!!!!
  sorry guys,=20
  I'm braiin dead after working 84 hours this week.

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