Elizabeth's McCoy Pottery Reference Guides

Bob Vogel rfv2020@avalon.net
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 14:31:59 -0600

Thanks, Terry!  Best, Bob

Terry Kinsey wrote:
> >Elizabeth,
> >How much of a hassle would it be for you to list your ref. guides by
> >name, author, publisher, publishing date, etc. I know you have said that
> >some were out of print, etc., but it still might be nice to know.
> >Regarding being squeezed out by one's collection...I'm up to about 130
> >assorted pieces and always watching out to add to it. My wife started
> >about 10 or 15 years ago and anymore I watch for it alot more than she
> >does. One of the first pieces I stumbled home with years ago is the vase
> >shown on pg. 219 of the H.N.H. book top right, it wasn't until years
> >later I new what it was. Most recently came home from a very wet,  very
> >cold, outdoor fall auction with a few nice pieces, pg. 213 bottom
> >"Centerpiece" in mother of pearl (haven't ever seen that one before) and
> >pg. 55 top in the darker green, among others. Lousy weather sometimes
> >makes for a good hunting day. My sister (and main auction partner)
> >thought I was nuts until I showed up with the loot. I couldn't bring
> >myself to sell this stuff so I'm going to just add on...The plans are
> >drawn.
> Hello Bob:  I tell you what, McCoy Pottery On LIne will post this info on
> the site at the folowing URL:
> <www.mccoypottery.com/bibiliography/index.html>
> We have all of the info and will do so so it will always be there. I will
> advise the List Mom to do so soon, however some of it is already there.
> Cheers!  Terry


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