cathy morbitzer
Sun, 04 Oct 1998 21:03:39 PDT

good reply Dan. Although I have not encountered any profanity, I find 
this site very informative and appreciate any info I can get. I love 
this kind of history.
Cathy from Texas

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>I have been watching this service for awhile now, and I see only one
>problem which must be attended to. List Mom, I take it that you are the
>Administrator for this group. I would like to see you administer some
>basic ' Rules of the Road'. If people use profanity or constantly cause
>disruptions...lose them. If people cannot show common courtesy...lose
>them. If people cannot follow rules ( I assume you're still working 
>out)...lose them. If you, and the wonderful group you purport to
>support, cannot reach some sort of accord on the rules...lose the site
>because it is not doing what it is supposed to do. Things can be that
>simple. I try to help people, especially the new ones, because I began
>my love of collecting with good teachers. They neither critisized me 
>the blunders we all make as we start out, nor was the almighty dollar
>the only reason they collected. My teachers did it for the thrill of
>piecing together a part of history they were never a part of. So, keep
>this ion mind and maybe, just maybe, things will work out. I will be
>watching, and participating as time permits. Hang in there and make it
>Dan in Michigan

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