Black--Train Engine Cookie Jar

List Mom
Sun, 11 Oct 98 19:05:07 -0500 said on 10/10/98 7:51 AM

>Is there no mark on the train? McCoy made three or four styles of Train
>Engines. I suppose if there is no mark it's probably not McCoy. Sounds like a
>neat cookie jar though. Sheryl

Actually McCoy produced several different styles, and color variations of 
"Engine" cookie jars.  The standard was black with gold trim. Yellow with 
black and red trim was a second color produced. There are a variety of 
colors, the result according to one story that is told, of ingenuity in 
decorating. The story; "These were seconds that employees could have and 
decorate at their pleasure during their breaks."

For a closer look at the different styles/color schemes take a look at:

While we are on the subject of trains, don't forget the decanter:


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