Thu, 17 Sep 1998 09:37:17 EDT

Hi Karen. Have we done business together or at least did some bidding with
each other? I've seen your name a few places. Anyway, I love collecting. I've
had so much pottery over the years that I'm finally clearing out everything
but my McCoy and a few American Bisque cookie jars that have been given to me
as gifts. I collect cookie jars and early pitchers and some baskets. I'm going
to scour my community paper as soon as it comes for the end of summer garage
sales and maybe have a good day!!!!! I've discovered that at flea markets and
estate sales, they put these incredible prices on cookie jars even if they're
chipped and missing chunks, or worse, I've known unscrupulous dealers to call
something a "rare" McCoy and you know it's not, but a novice gets taken. It's
good to have the books and be familiar with the pictures and the values. I've
heard of the new Sanford book, (I thought I was ordering that one, but turned
out I ordered something different). I may shill out the $40+ and buy it.
Anyone, love to hear others experiences in their adventures in pottery
collecting. Nice talkin' to ya. Sheryl


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