Hi Everyone

Deanna Lewis dandj@ll.net
Thu, 17 Sep 1998 11:13:22 -0500

I stumbled on this by accident.  I'm new on the computer and trying to
learn how to do things.  I have a small antique store in the small town
of Brownton, Minnesota.  I recently bought a private collection of
McCoy-Brush.  Until this I knew only a little about McCoy but I am
getting educated fast.  I have a question though about some pieces but
for now one in particular.  I have - I think - all the price books
available but this piece is not in it.  The man I bought it from thinks
it might be a lost mold piece.  It is marked Brush #670.  It is a
planter, the base is a soft dark green approx 7" across, looks like
grass.  There are 2 tulip like planters that are removable, they are a
soft pink.  It is similar to some of the other pieces in the books, one
has a bird attached but those pieces are not as smooth or soft looking
as this.  It is a lovely piece.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to
find out about it?  I would appreciate any response.  Thanks, Deanna.

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