G Niesen
Thu, 17 Sep 1998 12:10:06 -0400 wrote:
> Hey Judy,
> Where's your hometown? I'm in Michigan. Grosse Pointe. Are you still living in
> Michigan? I love getting surprises like that. It makes collecting all the more
> exciting, for sure. I'm selling off so many garage finds, I'm astonished at
> what I've collected over the years. But now I can collect just what I want. I
> used to collect Roseville, but the prices are out-of-sight and I'd rather
> collect McCoy. You can still get pieces at reasonable prices and some gorgeous
> ones at that. Sounds like you struck gold with the vase. Only we pottery
> collectors can truly appreciate an experience like that. Fun talkin'. More
> later. Sheryl
So funny you should send a message like that because iniatally I fell in
love with Roseville, bought one piece and quickly came to realize that
it was way too expensive and I would never be able to pay those prices
so I just as quickly converted to McCoy and haven't looked back since. I
just love it!!  I am from Manistee, have lived here for 20 some yrs. It
is right on the shore of Lake Mich. Approx. 70 mi. south of Traverse
City if you know where that is! Our paths have paralleled in our taste
for fine pottery. Thanks for your reply, Judy
P.S. I have in the past bought a piece of Hull, but regret it.


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