Floraline IS McCoy

Lee Peedin lpeedin@mindspring.com
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 20:57:09 -0400 (EDT)

Been reading with interest your letters
concerning Floraline.  I'm often amazed at
the number of people that don't realize that
it is just as much McCoy as a piece marked
McCoy.  A nice thing about the items marked
Floraline is that they are easily dated 
(1940-1945).  I once bought a 14" matte
white Floraline vase in an auction "box lot"
for $2.00.  After our artistic oldest
daughter furnished it with a dried
arrangement, it served as our dining room
center piece for quite some time.  It is now
in our den and the center piece is now a
gloss white handled Floraline vase. If it 
wasn't for Floraline, my collection
quantity would drop drastically.

And don't forget about Mt. Clemons.  I have
numerous pieces with either the MCP mark
and/or the rectangular pitcher.  My latest
is a beautiful dark brown pitcher with a
molded wild turkey on both front and back.
Got it for $3.00, just because the other
McCoy buyers at that auction didn't
recognize the mark.

Lee in NC


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