McCoy Pottery List Digest #61 - 08/15/99

Bobbi Needham
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 16:47:37 -0400

Hi Mary,
   No, sorry to say it's not on the net. It's an annual sale they do that
started in Jamestown, TN. and grew into a 400 mile yard sale running down
Hwy. 127 starting in Kentucky just south of Cincinnati, Ohio and going
south through several states. My hubby and I went early, (we left last
Wednesday morning). By 2:00 p.m. we were hitting sales in northern
Tennessee and moved on up into KY. Thursday was also pretty good, but
extremely hot, and we started running into a LOT of dealers, and fewer and
fewer actual yard sales. We decided to head back early and avoid the huge
crowds. As it was, we had to drive almost to Knoxville, (nearly 100 miles)
to find a vacancy at a hotel.
    It was definitely worth doing once, but I don't know if I'll do it
again. The local mom & pop type motels were doing a good bit of price
gouging, and many of the dealers prices were what you'd expect to pay in an
antique shop. Not nearly as many "yard sales" as I thought. After all, it
is billed as the world's biggest yard sale. Maybe what they meant is that
if it's on a table with grass growing under it, it qualifies, even if it's
a dealer's overpriced merchandise!
   To my mind, you didn't miss much.


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