McCoy Pottery List Digest #55 - 06/27/99
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 07:19:45 EDT


We have ordered the Jeffrey Snyder McCoy book, and like it very much.  We too 
feel that the prices are more appropriate, but as we have said to the author, 
we fear that the other books have so inflated  McCoy prices, that his won't 
make any difference.   Dealers see big dollar signs now with respect to any 
piece of McCoy it seems, no matter how common it may be, so they're not about 
to adjust their prices downward, we fear!  We have decided that if we see a 
piece of McCoy we want, and we can afford it, and feel the condition is worth 
the asking price, we buy it--regardless of what the "experts" say. 

There are some great pictures of pieces not shown in any of the other books 
on McCoy, as well as some better shots of some rarer pieces photographed in 
earlier books---   the discus thrower, the victory vases, the Keats planter, 
Robin Hood mug, and a great cobbler's bench, to name just a few.

We are glad that we made this purchase-- as we said, we don't make much use 
of the price guide portions of the books anyway, and it's good to have 
another reference to work with.  The photographs of great McCoy pieces are 
what interest us most, and we feel that this book delivers in this respect 
just as well as the other reference works available.


Jim Burnette, Jr. and Charlie Blunt


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