McCoy Pottery List Digest #55 - 06/27/99

Tue, 29 Jun 1999 07:35:46 -0400 (EDT)

Jim & Charlie,
Thanks for agreeing with us.  We started in McCoy over 20 years ago.
Now we do more buying for resale than for a collection.  Yesterday we
saw, in one booth at a large mall we were visiting for the first time, a
rather flower pot in terrible condition for over $20.00.  The
basketweave pots are still so plentiful and common, but the prices seem
high for us.  We have never paid more than $50.00 for ANY piece, and
back in those early years when we bought anything we didn't have if we
liked it, there were 2 times (forgive me for those who have heard this
story) we bought whole collections--maybe 100+ pieces--for an average of
around $2.00 each.
Pottery-collecting is a disease.  We had thought to quit when my husband
wasn't feeling well, but he is doing much better, and we are back at the
auctions, garage sales, shops, etc. again.  Also, we are looking forward
to the McCoy Lovers Reunion next month.
Elizabeth and Dick Vaughn


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