new to mccoy
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 10:08:33 EST

I am so new to this that I really do not know what I want!  I need to do a
little more research into it.  Currently I only have one piece, my sister
found it at a garage sale for a buck and gave it to me.  (if she only knew
what she was going to start with that)  It is a small peach colored planter
with raised floral design on it in all the same color.  I have been looking a
lot at the pitchers and the flower pots.  I like the smaller pieces and am
just enjoying the ones that I find attractive right now.  There is definately
a wide array of styles there!  I have been looking at a few things on EBAY and
find that having the pictures on there has helped me see what I like and do
not like.  I tend to like the simple small pieces.  I do want to find a smiley
face coffee mug though...can anyone tell me what they are going for now?

Thanks for the help...I have enjoyed "lurking" on the listserv for the past
month or so...this seems like a great group of people!  :)



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