"counterfeit" mccoy canyon??

Jill Gemmill jgemmill@uab.edu
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 12:06:24 -0600

Dear friends -

    I noticed that not all the mccoy canyon saucers I have are made from the same
mold.  Some have a mark on the back that says usa in small letters; they have a
ridge that stands UP to indicate where the coffee cup should go  - the others
have no mark on the back, and have an unridged depression to show where the cup
should go.

    Do all mccoy items have some sort of stamp on the back?  The glazes are very
close (and the canyon glaze has a lot of variation in it, anyway) but the
unstamped ones seem to be just a bit shinier than the others.

    Any information you have would be most appreciated.  If they are "varying
McCoy", I would find that interesting.  If they were "counterfeit", I would find
that interesting, too.  Thanks in advance.


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