Brush History/Cookie Jar

Bob and DeeDee Cook
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 20:41:56 -0800

In 1909 George s. Brush became an an associate with the J.W McCoy Pottery
Company....after his company burned down...In 1911 he merged with
McCoy...and they became known as Brush-McCoy Pottery Company....They started
producing Cookie jars...after his death 1934.....skipping
forward.....Brushes Daughter Lucile and McCoys Grandson Nelson kept the
plant running until 1978.....Both the Brush and McCoy potteries are now
A cookie jar with "Brush" on it is  very desirable....There have been NO
known fakes made......To help determine the age of your piece....keep a few
things in mind....The earliest clays were heavy and the late
1930's the clay was lighter in weight and color. It is difficult to find
Cookie jars with all the original "cold" paint still intact....Cold Paint
refers to the method of painting over the glaze....(I.e.  as in words and
faces painted in)....Also, remember that the harder to find the more it is
worth...rather than is worth more because it is old. Does the Cookie
Jar you saw look like a "Pirate's Chest"??.....beige and brown?? If so it is
from around this piece for about $115.00...if it is
Hope I could be of some help to you !!
Fondly, DeeDee


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