Lee Peedin
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 19:49:20 -0500 (EST)

Just got around to checking my email since
last Sat. - 109 messages (108 from this
mailing list).  Good to see all you new folks!!
I'm Lee in NC and have been collecting McCoy,
(and most any other stoneware I like) for
several years.  It's "everywhere" in our home.

Many of you have heard me speak of the
auction I attend every Sat. night - well
I've become such a regular that they hired
me.  The pay's not much but I really enjoy
the action of a "ring man".  Last Sat. &
this Sat. they are auctioning the household
contents of 3 estates.  Lot's of stuff from
the 40's & 50's.  Last Sat. as soon as I
entered the building, my wife and I spotted
the McCoy spinning wheel planter (the one
where the dog has the cat 'treed' on the
spinning wheel.  I told my wife that I
intended to own it - this was the first one
I has actually seen.  Being an 'off' pay day
week, I wasnt' prepared to spend too much,
but I was certain that if someone else got
it, they would pay.  I bought it for $7.00.
A common exclaimation of a ring man is: "You
people ain't looked at this piece". 
Needless to say I kept my mouth shut while
this item was being bid.  

Bought several other pieces of china and
stoneware for very low money.  Anyone out
there collect Nortake china?

All for now - Lee in NC


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