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Fri, 23 Jun 2000 09:15:04 -0400

I have two volumes of books by Hansen, Nissen, Hansen (help me here
someone.  I can't remember how the names  are spelled.  Always use HNH) and
a Brush-McCoy book.  The Brush-McCoy, I got on ebay from a lady who
subscribes to this line, Elizabeth.  We live in a small town and  the
bookstore had to order what I wanted.  There is another book I want but I
don't know the name just that it is Red and has lots of the dish sets in
it.  Check out ebay under McCoy Pottery.  (You don't have to buy, but can
get ideas on pricing, etc.)   I have seen some of your dishes there.  BTW,
I like that set.  Very pretty.  My understanding of USA mark is limited but
I think that some McCoy was marked just USA.  I am still learning, too but
my books, the people on this line and just looking has helped me alot.  Am
going McHunting tomorrow.  Hope to find the DEAL!!!  Wish us McLuck!!!


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