Need Help on Cookie Jar Lid

Allen, Helen M
Fri, 19 May 2000 07:02:20 -0500

yep......lots of large bubble wrap and double box it !

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	That is truly a shame.  I bought a piece of RRP for my husband and
	didn't even open the priority mail box.  It rattled so I knew it was
	broken.  The woman offered at once to refund the money when I told
her I
	was returning it.  If she does send the money, I plan to leave her
	positive feedback for doing so.
	We have mailed one piece that got broken, refunded the money, filed
	the insurance, and were reimbursed by the post office.  In this case
	packing was good, but the box wasn't strong enough.
	Pottery should have lots of bubble wrap.  I usually also wrap in
	newspaper and use lots of the packing peanuts.  A heavy box is best
	the priority mail boxes from the post office are free in the U.S.
	suggest double-boxing, which I have done for something extremely


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