Please remove me from your mailing list
Sun, 28 May 2000 17:04:29 EDT

Just another example of what I was talking about in....March was it?..when I 
requested the List Mom to be less insulting to the public. That kind of 
demeaning response only causes ill-will among people who, if they were 
treated with more respect, might actually learn to love our beloved McCoy, 
but because of List Mom's responses, will probably never give it another 
look. If she has taken it upon herslf to host a McCoy site, I believe she 
should understand that she is an ambassador for McCoy to the public, and, as 
such, should conduct herslf with decorum....and this does not include 
flinging insults  to everyone she believes to be an "idiot". What makes her 
feel she has the right to treat anyone this way???!!! Please, if anyone out 
there agrees with me, would you please let Listmom know that her attitude 
must stop. It's embarrassing and frustrating that it has continued. 


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