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List Mom listmom@mccoypottery.com
Thu, 6 Dec 2001 17:31:38 -0600

Jennifer Ley said:

>I posted the information on this seller to the mccoypottery.com website 
>last night ..

>am glad to see it get wider circulation.

Thank you again for letting us know.. 
>More to the point, the McCoy copyright holders are the only people who can 
>get Ebay to
>definitively do something about this.  I know some of you know Nelson and 
>Billie ... if
>you could pass that information on it we could get rid of the problem at 
>its source. 

I do not think that Nelson and Billie hold the copyright, or trademark 
rather... I cannot remember who it is but I am sure Terry will ring in 
here with that info as we were discussing this a bit ago.

>wrote to Ebay several weeks ago about this seller ...and that is what they 
>told me.
>Ebay won't act on information from independent dealers or collectors.

True, but they will sensor people from selling WTC items even though they 
were for sale prior to the terrible devastation... And I am sure if you 
tried to sell Rembrandt's they would kick you off or ban you, etc.. The 
point is, eBay only governs its system when it suits eBay... The thing is 
this guy is defrauding the consumer, and eBay lets him do it.. In fact 
none of the bidders contact info are revealed, so no one can warn them... 

One other thing to look at is that this persons that is pawning these 
fakes off is also selling fakes of Shawnee, and Disney items... I am sure 
if Disney got word of this eBay would here it.
>The same thing is happening with fake Brush McCoy jars ... I've seen 
>several Cow Jumped
>Over the Moon jars in the past few weeks marked Brush McCoy.
>The longer this stuff gets into circulation the harder it is going to be 
>for your
>average buyer to know the difference ... Ebay does also have a discussion 
>board about
>Pottery ... it might help if more people posted there as well.
I know what you mean.. The hell of it is there are people out there that 
are bidding hundreds of dollars just prior to Christmas on fakes.. I have 
had an email conversation or two with the guy doing this and he is not 
very personable, and quite defensive... He tells me that all the McCoy 
items he has listed are "in the book", and that "I'm crazy"... I asked 
him for an ISBN number of the book he is referring to, and have yet to 
hear back from him.

Sad, very sad...


The List Mom

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