[Mccoypottery-talk] Repro Warning

Jennifer Ley jtley@home.com
Thu, 06 Dec 2001 21:08:20 -0500

List Mom wrote:

> >Ebay won't act on information from independent dealers or collectors.
> True, but they will sensor people from selling WTC items even though they
> were for sale prior to the terrible devastation... And I am sure if you
> tried to sell Rembrandt's they would kick you off or ban you, etc.. The
> point is, eBay only governs its system when it suits eBay... The thing is
> this guy is defrauding the consumer, and eBay lets him do it.. In fact
> none of the bidders contact info are revealed, so no one can warn them...
> One other thing to look at is that this persons that is pawning these
> fakes off is also selling fakes of Shawnee, and Disney items... I am sure
> if Disney got word of this eBay would here it.
> >

I think you're probably right ... Ebay has been pushing the Prada on the site and a good
half of that is probably fake ... hard to tell for sure unless you buy it but I know how
much fake stuff is out there on the streets in NY.  Kate Spade too.  It's rather

> >The same thing is happening with fake Brush McCoy jars ... I've seen
> >several Cow Jumped
> >Over the Moon jars in the past few weeks marked Brush McCoy.
> >
> >The longer this stuff gets into circulation the harder it is going to be
> >for your
> >average buyer to know the difference ... Ebay does also have a discussion
> >board about
> >Pottery ... it might help if more people posted there as well.
> >
> I know what you mean.. The hell of it is there are people out there that
> are bidding hundreds of dollars just prior to Christmas on fakes.. I have
> had an email conversation or two with the guy doing this and he is not
> very personable, and quite defensive... He tells me that all the McCoy
> items he has listed are "in the book", and that "I'm crazy"... I asked
> him for an ISBN number of the book he is referring to, and have yet to
> hear back from him.

It's also really sad that the hidden feedback and private auction stuff doesn't tip more
bidders off.  What are these people thinking anyway?

I've got a few links up on my site but any other info that people have, or links I can
add, let me know.  Like Chiquita ... where does one get your newsletter?  Most casual
collectors don't know this stuff.


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