[Mccoypottery-talk] Repros again...

Mark Clark mark3@tcac.com
Fri, 7 Dec 2001 09:52:24 -0600

Sorry!  I'm resending my email.  Our computer doesn't hold the date correctly anymore and this went into the list on the wrong date.  I was worried no one would see it...  Date's now corrected.


Hello!  Glad to see everything is up and running again.  I missed seeing all of the valuable info everyone shares.  As to the mailbox repros - I bought this wallpocket last year from a "reputable dealer" near me.  I looked at this wallpocket through this dealer's window for at least a year before I purchased it.  This was before the repros started appearing recently.  He is good friends with Nelson and Billie and I don't feel I was betrayed but you never know.  I was curious if anyone else also had this wallpocket so we could compare measurements, characteristics, etc.  Please email if you do.  I have looked at ALL the repros on ebay and there are two dealers selling them.  One, obviously covering himself, and the other may not know she/he is selling repros.  Anyway, I have compared mine and the photos on the McCoy books to the repros on ebay and there are some "slight" variations, but the repros are good.  What I have found (provided mine is real) is:

1.	Mark:  The McCoy mark on the bottom of the repros is the same, but the glaze on the repros evenly covers the entire bottom surface with the slight footings remaining unglazed (or white).  On mine and in a photo in one of the books, the glaze does not cover the entire bottom - it only covers the McCoy mark and a little bit between the footings.  It is darker (heavier) in some areas around the edges and there is MUCH more unglazed surface between the footings and the mark than on the repros.  

2.	Surface:  The letters on mine (and the book picture) versus the letters on the repros - the writing is much more detailed (more raised and evident) on mine including the stamp and post office stamped circle in the upper right-hand corner of the letter.  

3.	Glaze:  When I did my comparisons, there was only one green mailbox on ebay.  My glaze is thinner with more of the white pottery showing through than the thicker green glaze of the one I saw.  I know this may not be saying anything at all considering McCoy's variations from piece to piece.

4.	Size:  Mine measures slightly larger than the sizes given on ebay.  It also depends from what points they were measuring from considering the different levels of design this piece has on the front of it.  I would really like to hear from someone who has had this piece a long time so we could compare measurements.  Obviously, I would like to know IF mine is real or not, but I would also like everyone out there to know the repro measurements, if different, as hopefully an indication of the fake when you run into them.  As for the back, mine and the fake look exactly the same - maybe mine a little less "cleaned-up" around the interior of the rim but that varied piece-to-piece, too, with McCoy.

My wallpocket is, however, in pristine shape - no crazing, age showing on the white unglazed footings, etc.  Obviously, it has never held water.   I did see one sell on ebay in the last year that had crazing, water mold marks under the glaze, etc. that made it definitely look used and old.  That is why I am wondering about my piece. . .

Sorry for writing such a long book - I always seem to when emailing the list.  I could talk about McCoys all day, every day!!!!!  Thought this info would help a little with the mailbox mystery.  I have to admit the fakes are GOOD!!!  Unfortunately. . .

Kelly Clark

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