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sheldon brown brown99@qis.net
Mon, 4 Jun 2001 13:35:43 -0400

For the people who started collecting Mccoy pottery. I have found that the
higher priced cookie jars and other pottery items, are the ones that has
been repo.
I would feel that if I paid 20.00 or less (at a yard sale) for a mccoy
cookie jar it would be a very good buy. I would hope that you would buy it
because you liked it with not having to spend much money. I know there is a
list of cookie jars that has been repo. I found it in "Collector's
encyclopedia of Cookie jars" book II. Page 332.
e-mail me if you don't have the list. I will try to send you a copy. I hope
that I have helped some of the new Mccoy collectors out there. It is alot of
fun. Sheldon
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> Karen:
> I know your concerns about repro's but sometimes you just have to take
> the chance.  I, however choose to take that chance at a much lesser
> cost.  A couple of weeks ago I found a pot bellied stove cookie jar at a
> tag sale for $1.50.  It was clearly marked McCoy and is in perfect
> condition.  I couldn't believe my luck.  So, even if it were a repro
> (which I am certain it is not) I wouldn't be out much money.
> Got lucky at a tailgate sale yesterday and purchased a pretty wall
> pocket for $8 and found out when I got home it was a McCoy.  My first
> wall pocket and a pretty one at that.
> I find most of my real bargains at garage, yard and tag sales.  Not to
> mention thrift stores.  If it's up at auction, chances are you'll pay a
> lot more.  Auctions can be great fun though.
> Happy hunting.  You just never know where you are going to find that
> special piece.  :-)
> Becca
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