[Mccoypottery-talk] Repros... (NOT CJ'S!)

Mark Clark mark3@tcac.com
Mon, 4 Jun 2001 22:32:41 -0500

Now that we are on the subject of McCoy reproductions, I wanted to share something with everyone.  Maybe others know, but I certainly didn't... I thought only the CJs were being reproduced.  

About a month ago I met with Red Huston, a dealer in our area (Arkansas/Missouri) who said he has been dealing in cookie jars for 35 years.  He has hundreds in his shop and it was quite a sight to see!  He deals at the Annual National Cookie Jar Show and knows just about everyone involved with McCoys.  Anyway, he told me to be on the lookout for repros in other pieces besides cookie jars.  I have only seen one basket piece redone (which I bought cheaply because I wasn't sure).  He then showed me a reproduction of the smaller hand tray shown on page 112 of Sanford's.  I couldn't believe it - it looked exactly the same and in the beautiful aqua glaze.  I have this piece in yellow and could compare:  His repro was slightly smaller, definitely lighter, WAS MARKED NM as the original, but the interior of the underside was not glazed and just solid bisque (the interior of mine is entirely glazed).  Had I not been told and ran into this piece somewhere else, I would have assumed it was the real McCoy - a VERY good copy.

Has anyone else ran into repros on planters, vases, etc., other than cookie jars?  I'm sure we could all benefit from hearing about them!  Incidently, if anyone would like to name a date/time for us to start meeting in the McCoy chat room, I would love to join in!!!

Thanks - Kelly

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