[Mccoypottery-talk] RE: Intro and Question/Brush McCoy

Terry Kinsey mccoy@mccoypottery.com
Fri, 16 Nov 2001 13:08:12 -0600

Just a quick note to say that the jar in question is without a doubt
a repro jar.   The below is an interesting twist that has no known
basis of fact.  The only fact is that the jar is a repro  using a crazing
technique in the glazing.  Cheers!

>I just got this from another person.  They said that there was a period of
>years in the late 40's early 50's that the Brush McCoy trademark was used by
>another pottery because the trademark wasn't protected and that a court
>battle ensued and the other pottery had to quit using the Brush-McCoy name
>on their wares.
>I also was told that McCoy "did" own the mold first and that it was also
>sold during this period and RRP finally bought the mold and used it to make
>2 different styles of this jar.
>Does this sound feasible.  I looked again at the jar, and the crazing
>actually isn't any more consistent than it is on other pieces I have of
>vintage china and pottery.  The crazing is very small on the bottom in spots
>and very large in other places on the jar, with the lid being about the
>same- some small parts and other parts with larger crazing.  Pretty similar
>to a very old gravy boat that I have that is authentic (or I thought it was
>until today).  Some of the crazing is dirty while other of it isn't as well.
>That's pretty consistent with what I see on other pieces.
>At this point I'm really thinking that this is not a modern repro but maybe
>one done 50 years ago instead.  Still I guess it might be a fake, but a rare
>one if so.  I'm surprised that nobody on the forum has ever seen this as a
>fake if it is one though because those like the Little Red Riding Hood, and
>the Aunt Jemima (that's what I call them)  are so common.
>Thanks to everyone for their help so far!<G>
>Jennifer Smith
>Capriherb Farm
>Columbus, Ohio

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