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I just got this from another person.  They said that there was a period of
years in the late 40's early 50's that the Brush McCoy trademark was used by
another pottery because the trademark wasn't protected and that a court
battle ensued and the other pottery had to quit using the Brush-McCoy name
on their wares.
I also was told that McCoy "did" own the mold first and that it was also
sold during this period and RRP finally bought the mold and used it to make
2 different styles of this jar.
Does this sound feasible.  I looked again at the jar, and the crazing
actually isn't any more consistent than it is on other pieces I have of
vintage china and pottery.  The crazing is very small on the bottom in spots
and very large in other places on the jar, with the lid being about the
same- some small parts and other parts with larger crazing.  Pretty similar
to a very old gravy boat that I have that is authentic (or I thought it was
until today).  Some of the crazing is dirty while other of it isn't as well.
That's pretty consistent with what I see on other pieces.
At this point I'm really thinking that this is not a modern repro but maybe
one done 50 years ago instead.  Still I guess it might be a fake, but a rare
one if so.  I'm surprised that nobody on the forum has ever seen this as a
fake if it is one though because those like the Little Red Riding Hood, and
the Aunt Jemima (that's what I call them)  are so common.
Thanks to everyone for their help so far!<G>
Jennifer Smith
Capriherb Farm
Columbus, Ohio

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Not to put a damper on your enthusiasm, but I have never heard of a jar
marked Brush McCoy either -- a legitimate one that is!
Several ways to tell a repro is how it is crazed. There are definitely ways
to craze a jar to make it look old, and the
even pattern on this one is one way to tell. Most genuine old jars the
crazing is not that even. It might just be on the bottom, it
also can be"larger" blocks instead of the tiny ones shown completely
covering the jar.

This one is made to look like the Robinson-Ransbottom jar, but that jar is
much more detailed on the face, shading, etc.
They would be marked RRP Co. Roseville, Ohio 317.

If you have a chance, the RRP jar is shown in Roerigs Cookie Jar Book #1.


  But the RRP jar.At 09:21 AM 11/16/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Try this link and see if it works:
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>Jennifer, the remakes and repros do have the crazing....but trust me, There
>is no legitimate pottery marked Brush-McCoy.  If someone has offered you
>that much money for a jar marked Brush -Mccoy, they don't know their cookie
>jars either. By the way, I didn't see a photo in your message....I'm not
>trying to come across unrealistic.  This subject really bothers me and I'd
>love to find a way to educated everyone about the repos--remakes, illegally
>marked pottery.  Chiquita
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