[Mccoypottery-talk] fakes and phoneys

Betty F. Nelson bettyfnelson@home.com
Fri, 16 Nov 2001 11:24:43 -0600

When did they first start making the counterfeit jars?  Where did you
get the jar in question?
I have looked in my limited library but am going this afternoon to be in
the company of collectors so much wiser than I so I copied the picture
of this cookie jar to show them.

There are so many black panthers, either figurines, planters or vases
that  I don't know how you could tell unless you saw it and had the

On the yellow rat/mouse jar.  I have seen several smiley face cups and
other things that does not have the black eyes and smile, just all
yellow and I have seen several other pieces that we usually see with
assessories painted on that were not put on one.The book does say that
the face was hand painted.

It seems to me that every book has some of the non-production pieces and
in the NM Express even Craig Nissen found a "new" wall pocket after so
many years.  Could there be a few "Brush McCoy" that were never put into

Up where I am going this afternoon there is one of the mammy cookie jars
that he will guarantee to be real.  Think he is asking $250.00.  Is
there any tips for what to look for if it is a reproduction?
Betty in Iowa

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