[Mccoypottery-talk] Re: Special for Edenhl@aol.com

Sherri Napier sl_napier@yahoo.com
Sat, 22 Sep 2001 06:20:02 -0700 (PDT)

My deepest prayer and hopes go out to you and your
loved ones.  My "older" neighbor lady was on her way
to see the towers while on vacation when they seen the
smoke and were turned away by police.  I am glad for
your friends that escaped the towers and I am praying
that they find others alive. I don't plan to give up
until the building is completely cleared away.  I am
usually more a "faithful lurker" but that person just
made me mad. I also wonder if they know anything about
spell check.  Keep on LURKING!!!
--- Edenhl@aol.com wrote:
> Hi, I have friends who escaped the WTC and a friend
> who is still missing.  
> Frankly, I am grateful for the distraction of the
> McCoy discussions.  I 
> rarely participate, but I've been a faithful
> "lurker."
> In a message dated 9/21/01 18:29:15,
> sl_napier@yahoo.com writes:
> << WE do support our people and troops who are
> fighting
> both over seas and "if you have not noticed" OUR OWN
> HOME-GROUND.  "Discussing pottery" and getting on
> with
> the mission of life and liberty will be the only way
> to make sure that the terriorists will not win.  The
> terrorist can win both with violence, fear and
> economics.  If you are not interested in our
> discussion, just sign off of this site.  
> God will bless and has blessed America. 
> Sherri
> --- IcubytheC@aol.com wrote:
> > Never ming talking about pottery. Lets support our
> > people and troops as they 
> > fight the good fight over seas. God bless America
> > and let freedom ring,loud 
> > and clear.
> > 
>  >>
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