[Mccoypottery-talk] OT bidding, On Topic Lawn Sales

Jennifer Ley jtley@home.com
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 00:26:26 -0400

Edenhl@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 9/27/01 20:30:11, jtley@home.com writes:
> << Usually by
> new Ebayers who bid back to the top as soon as they are overbid but  >>
> I'm an eBay neophyte--what does this mean, please?

What I meant and ... and I should add ... I did this too when I first got on Ebay:

Desired item goes on Ebay for a five day auction.  Bidder finds item and bids.  Second
bidder finds item and bids higher.  First bidder receives email from Ebay that they've
been outbid.  Takes seriously the warning from Ebay that bidding towards the end can be
difficult.  Bids again.  Second bidder gets letter, etc.  Third bidder finds item, bids
even higher.  Fourth bidder arrives and bids higher.  First bidder comes back in horror
and discovers item price climbing rapidly.  But they found it !!  It is their item !!
(Don't tell me Ebayers don't get attached to their items!!)  Item quickly becomes very
expensive ... but it is, as always the last bid that wins.

The first McCoy item I fell in love with on Ebay was a stovepipe vase in the very
ordinary brown/green combo.  It didn't have any cracks, etc.  That vase sold for $120.
Generally, those vases sell for around 40 - 50 on Ebay.  I helped bid it up that high.
I wanted it, in that way you can only want McCoy on Ebay.  I am so very glad I did not
win that vase.  I won one a few weeks later, no flaws, for $38

re:  Lawn Sales

I've found a few McCoy items at yard sales -- a large Grecian centerpiece, one of the
bamboo white flower pots, one of the early daisy with saucer small flowerpots, an
interesting white bulbous matte jard/vaselike thing with indented leaf-like decoration
around the top marked USA that I thought might be Floraline and my RRPC butter dish ...
almost all of them were either 50 cents or a dollar.


oh, and can't resist ... re: Martha ... did y'all know she's from Nutley, New Jersey ??

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