[Mccoypottery-talk] Biagi-Yard Sales

Ann Clark aclark@ultravision.net
Sat, 29 Sep 2001 22:19:19 -0500

I attended this HUGE event about 20 miles from me today, called "First
Monday Trade Days" at Canton, TX. (It has everything in the world...arts &
crafts, antiques, junk, etc)   It is held once a month and this sleepy
little town of 3000 draws between 200,000 and 300,000 people each month!  It
is awesome and covers miles.  Surprisingly, I didn't see much McCoy and I
usually do.  I did come across one vendor who had a bunch of cookie jars.
Little REd Riding Hood was $250, Aunt Jemimah was $225, and most were in
that range, but there was this Cow with a kitty(I think) on it's back and it
was $850.  Being new to McCoy I have no idea if these prices are in line or
not.  They had a HUGE sign saying "YES, they are McCoy....if you are serious
about them, we will pick them up so you can see.  Do not touch!"  Well, I
did NOT touch!  haha
Ann in TX
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> I wonder about the best strategy for yard sale finds. Is the
> multi family, church rummage sale the way to go or is my
> best bet the uninformed, individual /moving sale? I would
> guess the best finds would be at estate sales, but
> fortunately, in our small town, we have at most one estate
> sale a year.
> I keep thinking if I check out the antique/collectible
> stores in the smallest towns in the area, then maybe they
> will not have heard of McCoy pottery and will let me take
> those heavy old planters off their hands for a small price.
> I am starting to run out of small towns, though.
> Has anybody tried going door to door? :)
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> YES!!!
> My mother is an avid yard saler.  Just about every
> saturday and she has brought me many pieces.  Price
> range between .25 to $25 dollars.  One piece she
> bought this year was bought for $2 and worth $45. A
> lot depends on where you yard sale at.
> Sherri
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