[Mccoypottery-talk] Re:Violin Wall pocket and Mr. Peanut Cookie Jar

Betty F. Nelson bettyfnelson@mchsi.com
Mon, 9 Dec 2002 05:39:38 -0600

Madonna, I remember a short few years ago when I ask the same question.
What is this HNH that was used and I imagine there are some 'lurkers' out
there that only read that don't know either.  H. stands for Bob Hanson, N.
stands for Craig Nissen, H.is for Margaret Hanson.  The 3 of them
co-authored 3 of the best reference books on the single subject of McCoy.
It gives the thumbnail history of the company, the various fires, changes of
ownership and finally the closing.  If you are really curious about Chiquita
just buy the books and you will get to see her.  I have no problem with
Chiquita being in my book but I do wish they had left their dogs, related
babies and lots of ferny foliage and junk that hide part of what I bought
the book for.  That is just my own gripe with the lay out of the books.  I
suppose there might have been people that have bought the books to look at
Fergie the dog but I know of 3 sets they didn't sell because of people that
felt even stronger than I about having the unwanted material.  Any way I got
on one of my rants.  The books are available from any good book store.  If
they are not on the shelf you should be able to have them order them.  I
know they are online at Amazon.com and I will just do a small commercial for
Schroeder publishing.  They are the ones that put out the wonderful yearly
price guide to antiques and collectables.  I just went to
www.collectorbooks.com. and found that I am going to treat myself to a
birthday present tomorrow and join their 'membership' list to have access to
the library of information on line.  I clicked on their best sellers and
found all 3 of the HNH books.  The names are McCoy Pottery Volume I  McCoy
Pottery Volume II -Collectors Reference & Value Guide and the third one is
called the Encyclopedia of McCoy I think.  The Volume II has a list of all
the cookie jars and also a list of the top 100 findables.  The 3rd has an
index of all 3 volumes and tells the years the item was manufactured.  It
also has many many of the old catalog pages where you can see how much they
were a dozen back when.  There is a printable order blank on the Collector
Book site.  I did not print it but I think you have to be some sort of
'business', like a flea marketer or constant shopper or something of the
sort to order from them and I believe there is a minimun of 6 book order.  I
could easily find a dozen books I would love to have.  Need or afford is a
different subject.

I do not know how long the copy cat companies have been doing their damage.
I do know that on many of the wallpockets people have thought they had a
McCoy or some other well known name and what they have is a cermic piece.
Many of the cermic molds are similar.  There are pictures of the violin
wallpocket in every HNH book but none mention cold paint (surface paint
applied cold and never fired) so if you have peeling off paint it was no
doubt done after it left the factory.  All of the other are listed at a
lesser price than the white and gold.

Sorry for the length of this but hope it will help on the books.   Betty the
Okie from Iowa

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> Betty
> I have a couple questions,  I am new to this and I don't know what HNH
> I believe this violin wall pocket has been painted over it appears to have
> white and pink under gold paint.  The paint is not in good shape on this
> wallpocket but there are no chips or cracks.  They were my mothers I found
> them all wraped in newspaper and when I was unwrapping them the part of
> paint came off and exposed the paint or color under the gold paint that
> appeared to cover the whole violin.  I have two of them.
> Thanks
> Madonna
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> Subject: [Mccoypottery-talk] Re:Violin Wall pocket and Mr. Peanut Cookie
> >I am sorry that I hit the delete button so I can't use anyones name but I
> >have checked in my
> >books and I have found the Violin wallpocket.  It is on page127 of HNH
> >II it is shown in a
> >"unusual color" white with gold trim.  It is from the mid 50's and don't
> >wish I had the one mom had on her wall in the mid 50's, its value is
> >as $150-200!!
> >It says it should be 10 1/4" tall.  It also says it should be marked
> >There have been many wallpockets copied, are you sure yours don't have a
> >mark on it?  I hope you do have.
> >
> >There is a peanut McCoy cookie jar.  You have to use your imagination to
> >even try to imagine what made them call this a peanut.  No resemblance to
> >Planters Mr Peanut.  Don't even look like a peanut, it is a yellow jar
> >says Cookies on it' but the index of all McCoy cookie jars in Vol.II HNH
> >is called a peanut and you can see it on page 281.  I wasn't impressed
> I
> >didn't even write down the value but I believe it was $40-50.
> >
> >Hope that helps some.    Betty the Okie in Iowa.   (I have no McCoy to
> >sell.)
> >
> >
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