[Mccoypottery-talk] Blue basketweave with tulip

SLTHOMAS824@aol.com SLTHOMAS824@aol.com
Sun, 29 Dec 2002 18:31:20 EST

Mccoy and more has a pitcher on the second page for sale. I bought the same 
pitcher{not from them} and told it was Mccoy. They say it's Shawnee. I got 
three books for Xmas and it isn't in any of them. I didn't pay near what they 
are asking. I still like it but I did buy it thinking it was Mccoy. that was 
what I was told  {live and learn}. The one I have is marked USA. Did Mccoy 
ever mark their peices with just USA or just a number. I think I have some 
Shawnee peices, I really thought they were Mccoy. I got the pitcher with the 
ship on it page 171 HNH volume 2, what are the chances of my finding the 
bowl? Does any one know where I could find one? Thanks, Sharon

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