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>Hi Barb.  I became intrigued with McCoy while bidding on "Rocking 
>Chair Dalmatians" at a benefit auction (Dalmatian Club of America) 
>several years ago.  My first few purchases (after the auction) were 
>hastily made before  making a decision ... if I were going to 
>collect McCoy cookie jars then they would have to be in mint 
>condition.  All of the pieces included in the inventory list other 
>than Coffee Grinder, Cookie Stove, Oaken Bucket and Thinking Puppy 
>are in absolutely excellent if not mint condition.  Some pieces I 
>paid dearly for while others I got for a bargain.  I refer to the 
>the 1997 edition of "Sanfords Guide to McCoy Potery" for prices and 
>have a pretty good feel for the net worth.  As I mentioned, I would 
>rather find a party interested in purchasing the entire collection 
>rather than selling off each piece.  I refuse to use ebay or any 
>other on-line auction. At your convenience, John.

>Hi John,
>Why not put a list here of all of the cookie jars that you have in 
>your collection?  It may be worth your while to sell them 
>separately, I don't know, but I sure would love to see what you have!

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                                                 Inventory of McCoy Cookie Jars                                                        

1.  Bear and Bee Hive
2.  Bear with Cookie in Vest
3.  Boy on a Baseball
4.  Boy on a Football
5.  Coalby Cat
6.  Chef
7.  Chipmunk
8.  Christmas Tree
9.  Circus Horse
10. Clown in a Barrel (pink)
11. Coffee Grinder
12. Cookie Box
13. Cookie Stove (white)
14. Covered Wagon
15. Duck on a Basket-weave
16. Engine (black)
17. Friendship 7
18. Fruit Basket
19. Grandfather Clock
20. Grandma (gold trim)
21. Hobby Horse
22. Honey Bear
23. Hot Air Balloon
24. Indian
25. Kitten on a Coal Bucket (black coal bucket)
26. Kitten on Basket-weave
27. Kittens in a Basket
28. Lamb on Basket-weave
29. Lazy Pig/Quigley
30. Lemon
31. Mac Dog
32. Mr and Mrs Owl
33. Oaken Bucket
34. Panda Bear with Swirl
35. Pineapple
36. Puppy Holding a Sign
37. Puppy on Basket-weave
38. Sack of Cookies
39. Sad Clown
40. Slant Roof House
41. Slant Top Teepee
42. Straight Top Teepee
43. Thinking Puppy
44. Touring Car
45. Upside Down Bear
46. W.C. Fields
47. Windmill
48. Winking Pig (white)
49. Wishing Well
50. Wren House
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