[Mccoypottery-talk] McCoy books

Betty F. Nelson bettyfnelson@home.com
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 15:37:20 -0600

It is nice to find all these places for books, cheaper they are the more McCoy we can
buy.  I have not only got some cheap books but have found other things on Ewanted.  There
you list what you want to buy, like the lid to a cookie jar or what ever and there is no
charge unless you make a purchase.  I always have things I am looking for posted there.
I bought something I can not identify yet so would like to ask for help.  I bought a
cookie jar that feels like McCoy or at least similar quality and I have no doubt is old
just because of where it came from.  It is a rabbit in an Easter basket.  Has been
highlighted in cold paint and it is mostly gone.  I am sure it is not McCoy but I can't
find a rabbit  in a basket listed for any one.  It is 12" tall.
We are going to an auction Jan.27 that has a bunch of pottery.  McCoy, Shawnee Redwing
www.SLG-proauction  click on special auctions.   Anything there you want me to buy for
you?  Betty in Iowa

Kim Taylor wrote:

> Ann,
> I got a GREAT McCoy book from Ebay.  It is from a place that sells books
> that are slightly damaged - although the one that I got has no damage that I
> can find.  It is a NICE 8 & 1/2" X 11" hardcover book with 237 pages of
> really neat color pictures for $8!!!!  Can't beat that!  just search McCoy
> Book - no 's' on the end of book.
> Kim
> Oh, what great information, Jeanne!  Thank you so much!!!
> Ann
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>    Hi,
>        I get my books at a place on the web called  www.lwbooks.com.
>    You have to buy 6 books to get wholesale (cheapest) price.  But I have a
> friend that we each get 3 and it doesn't cost as much.  I got my McCoy
> Pottery #3 Hanson 2002 price guide for $14.97.  They have all kind of
> collecting books, matter of fact that is all they have.  But there is a
> great variety.
>                                                            Jeanne
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