[Mccoypottery-talk] McCoy books

Jennifer Ley jtley@home.com
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 17:30:17 -0500

Betty the auction looks like fun ... and they have one of those great baskets I'm always
getting out bid on on Ebay ... the picture with the figuriness and pine cone/rustic jard ...
the basket is to the left.

Not really easy to see condition tho ... I would be interested in what kind of prices they
get for these things ... most of what they have pictured goes on Ebay for about $25 or so
... so do let us know how the auction goes.  If people in Iowa want McCoy ... perhaps some
of us can start selling it to them !!


My Great Aunt Agnes

"Betty F. Nelson" wrote:

> It is nice to find all these places for books, cheaper they are the more McCoy we can
> buy.  I have not only got some cheap books but have found other things on Ewanted.  There
> you list what you want to buy, like the lid to a cookie jar or what ever and there is no
> charge unless you make a purchase.  I always have things I am looking for posted there.
> I bought something I can not identify yet so would like to ask for help.  I bought a
> cookie jar that feels like McCoy or at least similar quality and I have no doubt is old
> just because of where it came from.  It is a rabbit in an Easter basket.  Has been
> highlighted in cold paint and it is mostly gone.  I am sure it is not McCoy but I can't
> find a rabbit  in a basket listed for any one.  It is 12" tall.
> We are going to an auction Jan.27 that has a bunch of pottery.  McCoy, Shawnee Redwing
> www.SLG-proauction  click on special auctions.   Anything there you want me to buy for
> you?  Betty in Iowa
> Kim Taylor wrote:


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