[Mccoypottery-talk] Fakes flooding the auctions sites!

Patti, Greg (Jim) & sync-hronicity jplev1@home.com
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 17:55:35 -0500

 Most of the New McCoys are mass  produced cheap  by the new Owners  Of the pottery Name
and   molds. So   they are not  repos  nor fakes   they are   just NEW I have   seen
Newer Mt. Clemens Who Merged with then later bought  McCoy  marked Mt Clemens Pottery
Company  Made In Japan!! Mostly  The Old Pottery   Companies were bought out   over and
over from each owner until someone   gets the rights to  manufacture the stuff and  Later
down the Line has the stuff cheaply made In  Japan or  China  then   the USA gets flooded
with this Legal  Crap  in unethical ways via  dealers who cheat   and Lie  to sell it  as
Old  and Original.  Lets face It   almost everything old becomes new again   with
era's   designs coming back in style     there is a market for New Production  which
was   supposed to be  sold as  New at   affordable prices   for people who  couldn't
buy  old stuff    not  made to look old to  try and  fool the  public. then you do have
those who  will   take a piece make a mold and counterfeit it  either way    the buyer
should learn all they can  on a  Old product before  they    buy anything they   are not
sure of.  Most new  guides will remove   pictures of items of  less  value and
popularity   to make way for   other   discovered pieces  that   may be  worth more  and
become popular.. As an example I have  a swan Jim  had gotten talked  into buying a    A
blue  swan we didn't really like that much A McCoy  when he bought  several  Pottery
pieces    But   I couldn't find it in  my books I knew it was    authentic by the  marks
and the color  but  as I was closing the book  my Funky  Blue swan  was   on the cover
sitting  partially hidden in a Jardiniere and I found a small blurb on it  in the
introduction  or cover  explaination..about the pieces show there. There may  be other
pieces out there   not  documented because the   book  writers   are collectors and may
not have them or  ever seen them   we just  may never really know   until we   find
more documentation on the  artists and   stuff that was  limited   in  production.. Patti

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