[Mccoypottery-talk] Fake McCoy Cookie Jars

Patti, Greg (Jim) & sync-hronicity jplev1@home.com
Thu, 24 Jan 2002 20:42:24 -0500

Jo, Coincidentally   there is a  "Brush -McCoy  Davy Crockett on ebay
right now  the person is selling a lot of new   Jars  too.  I  was
suspect of the  Cookie jar when I  looked at the auction I realized how
New and Too  Mint it   looked  ,  The auctions are not private but  with
ebays new emailing system   you can't  email   the  bidders anyway  I
don't think    unless  you can go through  ebays system to  get to them
also, but   warning someone is also   a violation  of ebays  "rules"
Buyers can get   ripped off    and we  can't do a thing about it    if
we see it happening!! Going to ebays   report system   does no good   if
we suspect a fake  item    either,   by the time the   get to reading
it   most of the auctions are   done . It is so frustrating the way
ebay    makes sure it isn't liable   for people getting ripped off

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