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Patti, Greg (Jim) & sync-hronicity jplev1@home.com
Mon, 28 Jan 2002 22:29:05 -0500

Hi  Shirley gee  my   links work fine in my browser  ,  yahoo is my
auction list that    runs on Java make sure you have it enabled .  Not
to  much  there right now  , there  just some clutch pins  clothing
shoes   kids etc.  and some   lingerie  LOL . My  Niche shop( which is
in dire need of updating  right now  )  server  may run a bit slow
sometimes I guess  depending on your connection traffic and  your
browser My   host server is in Hawaii for that one and is   small.
Try   to   copy and paste the links  to your browser  window instead of
clicking   many ISP    don't work well  with  plain   text   links
especially  some version of AOL.   As for   ebay they  work  in any
browser LOL..   all that stuff ended  with no bids  second time around
for it too..   it is so  slow!! Thanks for   trying to look   I
appreciate it . Unless I am    listing something   real good I won't
promote  my auctions  or web  sales  on  the  talk list.
I have a signature on  my    emails  with links   so  really no
extra  posts are necessary to   topic lists  I feel  anyway.   Patti

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