[Mccoypottery-talk] Alert are they Repos? [Fwd: Check out eBaySeller List:

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Wed, 24 Jul 2002 01:33:14 -0400

I agreed, Patti&Greg do a wonderful job on describing the items and all the
info needed for the bidder. Thats what I wish all ebayers would do. Most do
not explain, "no measurements",the worst,"no makers" the worst,  and offer
no help, but DO dictate their payment  info.  I learn from reading my ABOUT
emails, and learn to ASK ASK questions. So Thank You "About"!
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> I am not  sure on the vase   but you  listing has nothing   deceiving
> about it   it is  perfectly fine    you do not   emphatically say it is
> McCoy   you   say  your view only   so not to worry   I bet    someone
> will  ID it for you. It also looks  very familiar to me also.
> You do a  great job   describing and stating terms    and show honesty
> and  sincerity in your selling   .
> this is what  people need to see  in  sellers  not all that flash and
> glitter to mask the real   topics.
> Keep up the good  work you  are an asset to any online selling venue .
> Patti
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