[Mccoypottery-talk] still there?

Patti & Greg (Jim ) sync-hronicity jplev1@comcast.net
Wed, 25 Sep 2002 00:38:33 -0100

I Am In SE PA and its still   hot and humid  in the  daytime here  and
its nearly october!! This summer was   too too hot.  we used to be
normal   but  since elnino  we  haven't had any type normal  weather in
years   its either too hot too cold too dry   too humid or   too wet
when its not needed>  We got  very little snow   last year   or ice
don't miss that but a  winter with maybe   high  30's  to 40'swould be
ok ; 0  with maybe a flurry or lite snow for  chriistmas?  even nights
are    cooler but still humid. we  used to get   blizzards   snowed in
for days   then  spring would come   nice   cool but snny   we had no
spring it went from  warmer to hoter and   humider .

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