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You make a valid point.  These repos are counterfeit; they are made from
molds created off of original pieces.  If Roger, or anyone, wants to take
the untrademarked name McCoy, he needs to create his own pottery.  My last
straw has been the dog dish -- I like that piece (don't know why) and am
appalled at the reproductions being sold.  They are so easy to pick out, and
yet people will bid almost $50 per piece.  I have one authentic dog dish and
am always looking to buy more.=0D
As mentioned prior, I contacted my friend at the DOJ and emailed my
Representative.  We can talk all we want here, but the counterfeiters are
still out there making their products, ripping off people, and devaluing
authentic pieces.  Like Kevin eluded to, we need to contact his mayor and
others: DAs, DOJ, News Media, etc.  Reproductions destroy an honest trade,
rip off people, destroy the hard work that went into McCoy pottery for years
 and devalue our authentic pieces.  We must educate people -- the people on
this list have a colossal amount of knowledge (to which I owe them many
thanks), but we can't allow repos.  The NM Xpress is a great newsletter, and
we can't allow repos.  But counterfeit items will continue unless our voice
is heard.=0D
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Hi, I have some thoughts on the Faye and Roger problem.  The FBI has an
email address for such problems that involve inter-state commerce.  If Roger
purchased the molds from McCoy and is selling the items as new items - he is
not doing anything illegal.  If he is selling them as items made in the
McCoy factory then he is breaking the law.  I expect that the FBI is very
busy with homeland security and creative accounting matters now ,so the
person who complains has to do his homework - copies of the auction ad,
names of people who have been cheated, etc.  Also, he may have other
problems  (Roger) - if the items are new and he isn't charging sales tax or
paying the govt. the tax - well then just another nail in the coffin.  If
Roger has made a mold from an original McCoy item - that is illegal.=0D
  Good luck - It is nice to see people who will stand up for honest business
transactions.   Sarah =0D
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