[Mccoypottery-talk] all the buzz about fakes!!!!!

Tom teedub@gamewood.net
Mon, 10 Nov 2003 23:04:49 -0500

I like your style!!!!!!!!!!
I'm forever in debt to this list for all the knowledge I have gained over t=
he last year.
Chiquita, Ken and Elizabeth have really helped me in learning all that is M=
When I first started collecting, i didn't know jack about pottery in genera=
Compared to the knowledge that there is to be had, I still don't know jack.
The amount of repro's are outrageous!!!!!!!!!!!
Have you guys checked out ebay at night?
My God those folks are listing dozens upon dozens of fakes and repro's in a=
 single night.
The sad  thing is that folks are buying this crap.
A coworker wants a mammy CJ  for Christmas.
I thought about buying a repro.
no way in Heck will I buy one and help these folks deceive so many more peo=
I don't write much  to the list anymore, in part because I want to learn al=
l I can.
And I can't learn if I'm talking.
Chiquita will amen that one I know.
I confronted a dealer in a mall recently  over a piece of Mcjunk.
up until that point I had considered that person trustworthy.
After the fact I realized that he had mistakenly bought a fake ( kitty stri=
ng holder) and was trying to sell it to be rid of it. He was asking 65.00 f=
or the piece.
At that point I broke all ties with her.
Sorry to ramble.
just manted my turn on the soap box,of sorts.
Thanks for hearing my two bits worth.

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