[Mccoypottery-talk] Thanks to our Veterans!

Terry Kinsey mccoy@mccoypottery.com
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 17:24:04 -0800

Jennifer:  I am a Marine Corp veteran.   Today, I was shocked by the 
local communities we live around when I as usual I went to the 
cemetery to honor all vets there as well a my father-in-law to find 
that there
was this year not one small flag on the military markers.  Then as I 
drove through two town square of the
two communities we are near to find not one city placed flags up in 
the city.  To my amazement what was
placed was Christmas decorations.  There were no Veterans Day parades 
nor was the local War Memorial
decorated with flags.  How can we forget?......Yesterday was the 
226th birthday of the US Marine Corp which also was not remembered 
locally, which I can understand but not Veterans Day.  The Banks and
Government offices were closed.  The Package Express delivery person 
delivered packages to our office today and he said that this is not a 
holiday, it is a whimpy holiday for federal employees.  Once again I 
shocked that Veterans Day is looked at so lightly.   Semper Fi ,   Terry

>My generation especially never takes the time on this most special 
>day of the year to say thanks but I will!  Thank YOU!  To all the 
>men and women who have bravely signed on the line to say they would 
>protect our liberty and freedom as United States Citizens.
>Thanks to all our Veterans we all enjoy the freedoms that we have today.
>If you haven't taken the time, please take a couple of minutes today 
>and call up any veteran you know and thank them for serving our 
>country, both today and in the past!
>Again, I as a proud American salute you!  Thank you for your service!
>Jennifer Smith
>Hull full of Ohio Pottery and Glassware
>Capriherb Farm
>Baltimore Ohio

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