[Mccoypottery-talk] My Find!!!

Jennifer Smith capriherb@dialupnet.com
Sun, 16 Nov 2003 09:42:39 -0500

My mother had an older Depression Glass book (1990) that she was showing me
last night as we were visiting down in Kentucky.  I was looking through it
to see if there was anything that doesn't seem to be in my books.
Here was this little pamphlet stuck in the book.  I opened it and it is a
1920 sales brochure from Rookwood pottery!  Not only that but my Great
Grandmother had written a note on the back of it to my great aunt in pencil.
It could be erased, but since this is NEVER going to go anywhere until I
die, I think it's really nice to have something that my great grandmother
wrote.  She was born in 1870 (+/-)!  My Great Aunt was an artist in
Cincinnati at that time and taught at the Cincinnati Art academy so that's
how it got to her.

Anyway the pamphlet is around 10 pages on rag with a great Rookwood logo
lithograph on the front.  And in the back it has the marks that the artists
used up to that time.  Also the Rookwood marks used up until that time and
when they were used.
I wonder if I should make copies and put them up as copies on eBay????
Anyway, that was my "non" McCoy buy of the week so far.  We are going to an
auction this afternoon so I'll see what I find later today!

Jennifer Smith
Hull full of Ohio Pottery and Glassware
Capriherb Farm
Baltimore Ohio

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