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McCoy Pottery List Mom listmom@mccoypottery.com
Thu, 16 Dec 2004 20:27:13 -0600

On Dec 16, 2004, at 8:18 PM, Gail McDonald wrote:

> I got over 150 messages today. I really would like to be removed if 
> this is going to happen with any frequency.

Doubtful..  Its a one time thing.  I look at it this way.  We have had 
one such problem in 8 years of providing this list.  And to top it off, 
its FREE.  Anyway, sorry for any trouble.  If you did not see the email 
we posted earlier about what happened you can see more in the Forums 


Also, you can of course join the forums if you decide to unsubscribe 
from the list.  This way you would still get a good McCoy fix without 
regular posts.

Anyway, as with all things, this is a mailing list, and it is not 
uncommon for there to be a lot of posts.  A couple months ago our 
digest topped 2MB, which is HUGE in terms of text.  I would say it 
averages about 500k or so.   Anyway, there are ups and downs on this 
list.  Sometimes a lot of talk, sometimes a little, some times very 

In any event we've only had one goof in 8 years, so while I am not 
happy about the goof by our programmer today, it is not something that 
was expected and we are truly sorry about it.  I guess you could call 
it a one time thing.  We have been upgrading this, and updating that, 
so there are always bound to be complications.  In any event, the 
problem was found in the first 10 seconds, but of course by that time, 
about 150 or so emails flew out.

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