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ELIZABETH VAUGHN revaughn@webtv.net
Fri, 24 Dec 2004 05:59:04 -0500

Merry Christmas to all of you.  It is COLD in Columbus, Ohio, this
morning.  We were without power for just under 24 hours due to snow,
ice, and more snow.  The power came back on at around 4:45 a. m.  I was
so excited that I got up and started to work--running the dishwasher and
starting some cooking for tomorrow.   Then I just had to check the

In case you hadn't heard. over 200, 000 people lost power in the central
Ohio area, including us and 2 of our kids.  One got it back last night.
Don't know if the other one has it back yet or not. Some may not get it
back until Sunday. Thank goodness for kids.  Our oldest son fixed us up
with a kerosene heater;  our middle son, in from Minneapolis, brought us
some hot food; then the 2 of them completely cleaned off our car (ice
and snow several inches thick on the top and hood & ice on the windows);
also shoveled our walk and driveway.  We opened up the couch and slept
there (hubby is still snoring) with a fire in the fireplace.
Anyway, forgive the rambling.  We really developed a new appreciation
for electricity in a hurry!  
Keep warm and have a great holiday.  We hope to go to church tonight,
but the church was without power yesterday and hubby has a cold, so I am
not sure about that yet.

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