[Mccoypottery-talk] Faye!

Linda (home) LMuffee@charter.net
Sat, 10 Jan 2004 18:48:22 -0500

Why does Ebay let her get away with it???
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  She buys fake McCoy from Roger Jenson and sells it on eBay.  She is now b=
uying fake glass items as well it appears.
  Here is your eBay 101 lesson for the day.
  READ THE FEEDBACK!  If the feedback is private or not listed, I don't car=
e if they are selling a grand piano for a penney.  DO NOT BUY!
  If the Bidders are concealed.  DO NOT BUY!
  There's a reason a seller would hide their feedback or their bidders.  An=
d there are no reasons that are noble or good that I can think of!<G>

  Jennifer  & Rodney Smith
  Ohio Pottery and Glassware
  Baltimore Ohio

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