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Karen.Phillips@trimmasters.com Karen.Phillips@trimmasters.com
Wed, 28 Jan 2004 15:19:49 -0500

Sounds good to me!!  Hope it goes well.

Karen in KY

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The wall pocket is sold.  Thanks!

Tonight I am going to put the REAL, not fake, no chips, cracks, but some
paint loss, MAMMY cookie jar on eBay.
She was bought in Roseville at  a Koehler auction and I will guarantee her
"birth" to be in Zanesville, Ohio, and not some sweat shop wherever!

I do want to make a statement with this eBay ad.  I am going to be really
good  with it and put a whole bunch of stuff about the fakes as well as the
authenticity of this one.  What do you all think????

Jennifer  & Rodney Smith
Ohio Pottery and Glassware
Baltimore Ohio

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I got a wall pocket last night at an auction that Elizabeth and I were both
If anyone would like to buy it, please contact me off list today at
It is the flower with Bird  as pictured in Volume 1, Page 117 and it is  in
pink.  The bird has been glued back on and there is a small chip on the
back of the bird and a small chip on the back of the wall pocket (very
I paid $7.50 for it and will sell it for same plus S/H/I.  The last one
sold on eBay went for $45.00 with a small chip, so they do sell high.

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