[Mccoypottery-talk] DOING A HAPPY DANCE

mmmeador@hotmail.com mmmeador@hotmail.com
Fri, 30 Jan 2004 16:20:15 -0600

Hello my fellow McCoy lovers.  I don't post anything very often.  Actually,=
 I don't know if I've ever posted anything here, but I read all of the emai=
ls that I get.

Background:   I needed something to go above the cabinets in my kitchen I h=
ad two McCoy mixing bowls & thought that I'd see if I couldn't find a two o=
r three of McCoy's cookie jars to go with them.  Seemed innocent enough.  L=
ittle did I know that a bug was waiting to bite me.   The middle of Novembe=
r my hubby took a day off from work and we went to a couple of flea markets=
 and an antique store & I came home with two, a black kookie kettle cj & a =
white cook stove cj.  I came home placed them in their spot on top of the c=
abinets & thought that would be it.

WRONG!!!!  The next day I went back to one of the flea markets & bought 3 m=
ore, 2 cookie jug cj's 1 in green & 1 in brown & a Have a Happy Day cj.   T=
hen I added a Dutch boy, an aqua/green apple and  a Wish I had a cookie wis=
hing well.=20

Then I bought a McCoy "cookie jar" that according to the man at the flea ma=
rket "you don't find very often".  So I bought it.  Luckily it was McCoy, b=
ut it was a canister not a cj.

I then began my search for a McCoy reference guide.  I heard about one titl=
ed "McCoy Cookie Jars from the first to the latest" by Harold Nichols.  So =
I got online & was going to buy it.  Think again, I found 2 copies, one for=
 $150 & one for $200 & something (it was signed & in Europe) so I posted wa=
nt ads & filled out wish lists & registered at practically every book store=
 on the internet in hopes that someday someone would get a copy of this boo=
k for less than $150.   I didn't want to pay more than $100 for it.  In the=
 meantime I began "learning" about McCoy & studying up on it and decided th=
at I wouldn't buy another cj that I didn't know 100% was McCoy.   Well, I h=
aven't bought another one.  I've been scared of getting a fake.

To make a short story longer . . . .=20

This past weekend I received an email from one of those bookstores (Powells=
.com) informing that they had Mr. Nichols book in stock.  I was excited & h=
eld my breath as I went to their site to see how much they wanted for it.  =
To my surprise (and to the detriment of my hubby's ears when I let out a ch=
eer) the book was priced at $6.50.  I immediately purchased it & only paid =
$5.50 for express shipping.=20

Today it arrived.  It's used (of course) but in great condition.  So for a =
total of $12 I now have my McCoy c/j bible.  I'm sure my hubby will be very=
 excited to learn that he gets to spend tomorrow going to flea markets.  LOL

Anyway, thanks for letting me ramble.  No one else really gets how exciting=
 this books arrival is.


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