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Cunningham, Beth Beth.Cunningham@EKU.EDU
Tue, 6 Jul 2004 13:18:19 -0400

Kevin, I believe it's time to talk to your Mayor.  Something is way off
kilter here!  At least four, and I suspect more, wrote and sent letters.


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Yes someone is definitely doing down and dirty things because I also
wrote.  Betty the Okie in Iowa

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	As did I.  I sent you an email copy of my letter.  So if the
mayor is claiming he did not receive but one, then someone else is
sorting his mail and discarding things he doesn't want to see.

	Mike in KY

		Kevin, I did write to the Mayor of Wagener.  If that
"one" letter wasn't from me, then there is another problem in your town.
I certainly hope that others took the few minutes to write a letter, and
I would be pained to think that they didn't.  Beth in KY=20


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