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>There are also goo-gobs of antique malls in Goodlettsville, which is about 
>15-20 minutes away on I65. I don't know if you'll be on I24, but if you 
>see the exit for Bell Buckle, you MUST go there. There is so much McCoy, 
>you won't know what to buy first!

Wow, Hope!  Is there a "best place" to go McHunting in Bell Buckle?  Is it 
easy to find once you get to the town?  I need to go one of these days 
since I live relatively close.  I live about 1 hour & 15 minutes (75 miles) 
south-southwest of Nashville ... and about 1 hour south of Franklin which 
is in Williamson county, which is the next county south of Davidson county, 
which is Nashville.  (Everybody got that?)  LOL   (Anybody know the 
best/quickest way from Lawrenceburg to Bell Buckle?)

Vonda, there are also lots of antique shops in Franklin which isn't very 
far south of Nashville.  It's an old, yet progressive town.  It's really 
cool if you like historic downtown areas with a "square", federally 
designated historic neighborhoods, neat bed and breakfasts, etc., etc.  If 
you go there, don't get scared on the way.  HAHA!  Franklin annexed an area 
about 15 years or so ago, so a part of the town limits now reach the 
freeway (I-65) which includes Cool Springs Galleria.  When you first exit 
the freeway, you'll think, "Oh no!  This is the same as everywhere 
else!"  because you'll see a large mall surrounded by lots of streets with 
tons of shops ... restaurants, bars, banks, car dealerships, (Lexus, 
Ford/Lincoln/Mercury, Infiniti, Saturn, Mercedes, etc., etc.)  ...  a 
medical center, coffee shops, toy stores, (new) furniture stores, 
electronics "superstores", hobby shops, bookstores, gas stations, a huge, 
27 (?) screen movie theater, office complexes, office complexes, more 
office complexes, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.  It's actually a great place 
if "modern-day" shopping is what you want.

But if your shopping preferences are like mine - geared more towards the 
antique malls and cool/quirky shops, then you should go to "old" Franklin - 
well off the freeway, but yet not too far in a car.  You could go to 
http://www.historicfranklin.com/  where you'll find links with lots of 
information about Franklin  (including shopping, maps/directions from I-65, 
etc.).  If you're into walking tours, check out 

Vonda, I hope you have a safe, fun trip!  Let us know how much McCoy you 
"adopt" and where you found it.


p.s.  To all of you who pray - please remember me and my 17 year old 
daughter.  Next week we're leaving for New York City for a couple of days, 
and then on to Boston to visit some friends we haven't seen in a long 
time.  The major 24 hr. TV news channels keep mentioning more "chatter" 
about another major terrorist attack sometime this summer.  They said the 
terrorists want to "hit us hard" this time.  I'm trying not to let my 
daughter know that I'm a little apprehensive about having her in New York 
City on July the 4th, because I want her to have a great time.  Since she's 
17, this may be our last vacation together.  But I will *not* allow those 
evil goons to change our plans!  We're going!!!  (Well ... unless the news 
says something specific about NYC for July 4th.  I'm not a coward, but I'm 
not a fool, either! LOL)

Thanks, all.  Sorry to be so "wordy" tonight.

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